When shopping for flooring it is important to get a sense or your style. There are so many options when it comes to types of flooring but also styles and aesthetics of the floors. 

Our Inspiration Page

If you haven’t already looked at our inspiration page that is a great place to start! We have galleries for carpet, carpet tile, hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl. So no matter what flooring product you are looking to learn more about what the style options are we can help spark some ideas!


Pinterest is a great place to compile all your inspiration. Pinterest has countless useful resources to help you design your entire home. Pinterest is the go-to social media platform for anyone working on a home improvement project! 

Showroom Samples

There is truly no better way to determine whether or not you would enjoy a type of flooring than being able to feel the texture and see the style first hand. The texture is a big aspect of what makes flooring enjoyable in your home. You are going to walk on this floor every day. So we recommend you just come into a showroom and check out our samples before you do to much research because that will truly be the best tell of what flooring is best for you. 

Our design consultants specialize in creating stunning home interiors so if home design and visual appeal just isn't in your wheelhouse we are here to help! Give us a call or stop into our Homer Glen showroom and we will help you make a decision you will absolutely love!