Tile trends can mean a lot to homeowners who want their flooring and décor to be as trendy as possible. In today’s post, we’re going to share four top trends for you so you’ll have a better idea about what’s available and how well it may work to keep you popular and in style, so read along with us here for more information.

Consider these tile trends for your home

Trends matter, especially in tile flooring, and we’re going to help by telling you about four of the top trends. Read along now to find out more

  1. Wood and stone looks are some of the most popular trends, giving you an all-natural appearance.
  2. For color trends, look specifically for gray, white, blue, and high variation options to give you plenty to choose from.
  3. Layout trends include wide plank and large-format installation options, but don't forget herringbone options for complete layout diversity.
  4. Shapes are a trend that gives you plenty of visual appeals and includes options like hexagons, linear, round, fan, and triangle shapes, with plenty more to choose from for your home.
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