There are so many perks to choosing carpet tile as your flooring. Carpet tile is often overlooked because many people truly just don’t know what carpet tile is. If that is you start by reading our What is Carpet Tile blog to learn the basics of what carpet tile is. Once you know the basics we can dive into the extensive benefits that come with carpet tile. 

Easy To Install

Carpet tile is by far the easiest flooring to install. Each tile is individually placed with a self-stick installation. It is much faster to install carpet tiles than regular carpet. You can install carpet tile yourself but for the best and most reliable results, we recommend you hire a professional carpet tile installer. We have Chicago floor installers who do a phenomenal job. 

Countless styles and ways to design

Carpet tile gets its’ name from being incredibly similar to tile. Because each piece is individually placed the potential for designs are endless. You can let your creativity run wild or we can help create a custom design for you. Keep it simple with consistency,  go for a checkered pattern or customize your own pattern. 

Easy to clean and can provide stain and wear protection

We understand that durability is essential, and you'll find it in carpet squares, which offer a low, easy-to-clean pile that works well even in busy spaces. In addition, they can provide stain and wear protection, allowing you more peace of mind if you are a parent or pet owner. The best part of carpet tile is that if a bad enough accident occurs and you can clean the sport you only need to replace the damaged tiles instead of your entire floor. 

Changing tiles is easy 

There are often spaces that are more heavily trafficked. These tiles can experience more wear and over time may need replacing. When purchasing carpet tiles we recommend purchasing a few extra so you can replace those heavily trafficked tiles to keep that brand new look. When the time does come to change your tiles either due to damage or you just want to change your style removal is easy! 

Eco-Friendly Options

The great thing about carpet tiles is that there are environmentally friendly options. When looking to choose a more eco-friendly carpet tile ask for carpet tiles made of natural fiber. These can include cotton, wool or jute. If possible chose tiles made from recycled materials. This is a great way to reduce your carbon emissions. 

If you are interested in learning more about carpet tile and if it may be the best flooring choice for your home visit our Homer Glen flooring store and our design consultants will be happy to discuss your options.